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Need something quickly? We are happy to think along with you! With more than 2500 attachments in stock, we rent the right tools for your forklift. And with more than 30 years of experience, we provide a suitable solution and advice from our experts.

Large numbers of attachments for 1 project?
Then Axtra will provide a spare device! If a rental device unexpectedly comes to a standstill, the spare device can be used. Avoid downtime and you (or your customer) can always continue working. An extra service from Axtra!

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We specialize in the sale of reconditioned attachments. Sustainable and budget-friendly: we give attachments a second life, and you can buy them cheaply! We thoroughly check the devices for you before we put them up for sale again. And we deliver them to you quickly, anywhere in Europe!

And do you want to purchase attachments extra cheaply? Then take a look at our outlet. Here you will find attachments of which only the basic functionalities have been checked. No certifications or warranty, but very competitive sales prices.

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Do you have attachments lying idle? We purchase your equipment to give it a second life. We can also exchange if necessary! We are therefore always interested and looking for equipment for the sale, rental and reuse of parts.

Do you have equipment sitting idle? Let us know! Maybe your equipment is suitable for a second life with another user. We are happy to make you a market-based offer and transport is fully included. With this first step you also help in the reuse cycle of attachments. Good for the environment, and it also saves you money!

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Large stock


We are the largest supplier when it comes to parts for forklift attachments. We serve customers worldwide with more than 2500 attachments. Because not all attachments can be overhauled, usable parts are dismantled, checked and tested. We offer these parts for sale with warranty.

Looking for parts?
Send us the (serial) number, type plate and photos and/or videos of the part and app us via 06-83315192.

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Prevent malfunctions


At Axtra Front Equipment, we understand better than anyone that it is important that your front equipment must be able to run 24/7. However, malfunctions cannot always be prevented, which is why you can rely on our maintenance service. Equipment remains in optimal condition if you maintain it properly. Do this regularly or have Axtra do this for you.

Maintenance based on actual costing or total maintenance unburdening to guarantee maximum availability? Both are possible at Axtra Voorzet equipment. We can also come to your location for minor maintenance, if possible! We offer tailor-made maintenance contracts for a fixed amount per month for complete maintenance relief.

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Damage to your equipment?


We can repair your equipment, with warranty! Our qualified technicians are happy to do this for you. We are happy to make a no-obligation quote.

We repair on location or in our workshop. Axtra reuses and why we do that is very simple. Reuse contributes to a better world. Because there are fewer CO2 emissions, no depletion of fossil fuels and conservation of forests and nature! Axtra also contributes through the use of forklift attachments! We are the alternative to new and the best for your wallet and the environment. If you don't want to buy another refurbished device, we can also repair your current device!

Rejected attachments

VZA & CE Check

Prevent downtime with work material and make an appointment immediately for a VZA check performed by the certified Axtra technicians.

Forklift trucks can be rejected during periodic maintenance due to the lack of a type plate on the attachments. If the equipment then meets all requirements and safe operation is guaranteed, a CE certificate with accompanying type plate will be issued. If it turns out that the equipment does not meet the requirements, we will first discuss the necessary repairs, including a cost estimate.

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