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Attention to the environment is extremely important to us. Our mission is to make the world a greener place. How do we do that? By giving used attachments a new life cycle: 1, 2 or sometimes even 3 times. By reducing waste production and material use, while at the same time being conscious about our energy consumption, we make the world a better place. And we are proud of that! Curious what we can do for your equipment? Make an appointment for revision right away!

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Have attachments overhauled by Axtra

Prevent downtime with regular overhaul

By regularly planning an overhaul at Axtra, you ensure that your attachments remain available 24/7. We notice small defects early and can repair and correct them before they cause problems in your operation. We also have back-up equipment available during the overhaul: so your business can always keep running!

Join us and reduce your carbon footprint

Did you know that regularly overhauled attachments cause much lower CO2 emissions than equipment that is never overhauled? By overhauling, we extend the life of your attachments and it can last much longer. And that is good for our planet! Reducing our CO2 footprint is one of Axtra's missions.

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The revision process

How do we overhaul your attachments? We will take you through the step-by-step plan that we use for every revision.

Offer equipment for purchase and overhaul

Do you have attachments that you no longer use? We can also breathe new life into these at Axtra by revising them. We are happy to take over your old equipment from you, so that we can give it a second life after revision! Please contact us to discuss purchasing options.

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Is it time for an inspection of one of your devices? Or do you want to make an appointment for a revision for the first time? Fill in the form below!