Sustainable metal is our focus

Proud member of the Royal Metal Union

Using our raw materials sustainably is our top priority. With our membership of the Royal Metal Union, we underline the importance of honestly and smartly sourced metal. Together with more than 15.000 other members, we continue to innovate, improve and become more sustainable. After all, without metal our company would not exist!

More about the Royal Metal Union

Metal: a vital part of our business

No attachments without metal. Did you know that more than 70% of our attachments are made of different types of metal? It is therefore logical that we constantly pay attention to working smarter and more sustainably with this fantastic material.

What does the Royal Metal Union do?

The Koninklijke Metaalunie is an association of SME entrepreneurs who make, repair and maintain metal-oriented products. About 15.000 members in the SME manufacturing industry work daily to make the production, use and reuse of metal future-proof. Sharing knowledge, promoting interests, advising: these are just a few of the many goals that the Royal Metal Union serves. And we are proud to be part of that!

Why are we a member?

The world of metal inspires us. We think it is important to share our knowledge within the industry and get ideas from other SME companies. Only if we put our efforts together can we make the metal industry future-proof and sustainable!

  • Knowledge sharing and innovation
  • Help promote sustainability within the SME manufacturing industry
  • Helping the sector become future-proof

Continue to innovate and think ahead

Our membership of the Koninklijke Metaalunie supports one of our most important goals: the pursuit of continuous improvement and innovation. The world does not stand still, and fortunately neither does our company! With our connections within the Metaalunie, we are challenged every day to approach our work even more professionally, smarter and more environmentally friendly.

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