About us

Strong in reconditioning and 25 years of innovation and environmental awareness. Are you interested in our ambitions? Read more about our family business Axtra Voorzetapparatuur.


A family business pur sang
A true family business Axtra Voorzetapparatuur is a true family business. With the ambition to run their own business in second-hand attachments for forklift trucks, Bea Kruidhof and Sjoerd Kruidhof started in the former Fricofabriek in Wergea in 1992. Back in the day it all started with a telephone, a fax and a computer, but Axtra Voorzetapparatuur has become an organisation specialised in second-hand attachments. With a 16-man team that is keen to give attachments a new lease of life, and an impressive storage area with more than 2,000 attachments, we offer an extremely diverse range.

Innovative and environmentally conscious for more than 25 years
Recycling equipment is environmentally conscious, sustainable and the trend of our time. Axtra Attachments has been innovative and environmentally conscious in its working method for more than 25 years and is therefore far ahead of the times. Our strength is overhaul!

Let's do it together!
Axtra Voorzetapparatuur is well-known in the world of forklift trucks. Know-how, craftsmanship, expertise and reuse are part of our make-up and are things we like to share with others. Reuse is good for your finances and we have the resources to achieve it. Let's do it together!

Our method


It all starts with…

…purchase. Without stock, we can’t deliver reconditioned attachments for sale or rental. Do you have used attachments in stock which you don’t use? Let us knowmaybe it is possible to give these attachments a second life! With this first step you help the environment and the reusing process of attachments, and it saves money! Please contact us!


After delivery at Axtra…

…the incoming forklift attachments will be tested and checked. The used attachments will be available for every budget. After inventory is every ´´clamp´´ classified in one of the categories: Gold As-Is+ As-Is


Choosen for As-Is?...

… This categorie we offer for the small wallets. The attachments are tested and the results are recorded in a report. If the attachments needs repair, the end-user can do itself. There is no guarantee, but quick available. It’s ideal for forklift dealers who want to repair itself to cut costs.


Choosen for As-Is+?...

… Can be used directly. The attachments are good working and shows no leakage. If necessary, we will do small repair with 2 months guarantee.
In overleg spuiten we het apparaat.


Chosen for category gold?...

… Then the attachment is completely reconditioned. All the wear parts are replaced or reconditioned. If the attachment is technically 100%, the finishing touch will take place in our paint booth. After repainting the attachment will be provided with recognizable Axtra stickers. The attachment is qualitatively similar to new equipment, only the price is different! An Another extra from Axtra is the 6 months guarantee certificate.


The mechanics of Axtra…

… are knowledgeable, certified and pride in their workmanship. Welding, milling, replacement of parts and seals. Every mechanic makes every effort to ensure that all the equipment is ready for a new reliable and reliable deployment.


Short time repair, time is money!...

…repair or maintenance on your attachments? Even with replacement of parts we guarantee a quick re-delivery and continuity in your business.