Exchange your old attachments for something better


Do you have attachments that you no longer use? Or do you want to exchange your current attachment for something that better suits your work? It's possible at Axtra! Because we strive for sustainability and reuse of attachments as much as possible, we can breathe new life into your old, unused attachments. And of course you get better functioning equipment in return!

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Why exchange with axtra

An upgrade for your outdated equipment

Does your current attachment need an update? Do you no longer dare to trust it 100%, or do you notice that the functionalities lag behind more modern variants? Then it might be time to exchange your attachment for a newer or better model. No problem at all with Axtra! In our range of reconditioned attachments we always find an addition for your forklift that is completely up to date.

Work more efficiently with better machines

Do you notice that your work is changing, and is it time that your attachments are better suited to this? Our exchange service can also offer a solution. We will be happy to purchase your old attachments and offer you comparable equipment with better-suited functionalities in exchange! This makes working quickly and efficiently a given again.

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How does it work?

How do we overhaul your attachments? We will take you through the step-by-step plan that we use for every revision.

Support our mission for a lower
carbon footprint

They sometimes say that exchanging leads to crying. That certainly does not apply to Axtra's exchange service! Not only will your attachments better suit your work, you will also support our mission to reduce our collective CO2 emissions. By trading in your attachments, we can often give your old equipment a new life. In this way we prevent unnecessary waste flows and reduce material use. And that makes the planet a little better!

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Have old attachments overhauled

Would you like to keep your current attachments, but is it in need of thorough maintenance? We can also take care of the overhaul of your devices for you at Axtra! Our maintenance technicians ensure that you never stand still and that your devices are regularly inspected. Safety first!

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Register your attachments for the exchange service

Interested in our exchange service? Please complete the form below and, if possible, send us photos of the attachments you want to trade in. We will then contact you as soon as possible!