Reuse helps our planet

Our CO2 footprint

Attention to the environment is extremely important to us. Our mission is to make the world a greener place. How do we do that? By giving used attachments a new life cycle: 1, 2 or sometimes even 3 times. By reducing waste production and material use, while at the same time being conscious about our energy consumption, we make the world a better place. And we are proud of that!

62kg CO2

The emissions of a refurbished Axtra attachment per life cycle

The importance of your CO2 footprint as a company

At Axtra we consciously deal with the influence we have on the environment and on our planet. The amount of greenhouse gas a company emits makes all the difference for the next generation! There will always be CO2 emissions, but by reducing them, we are inhibiting global warming. This is how we keep our planet liveable, also in the long term. Do you know what your CO2 emissions are?

What we do to reduce our CO2 emissions

Measuring is knowing

For us, sustainability goes beyond vague statements. We want to know where we stand, prefer to work with concrete figures and like to put ourselves to the test. Measuring is knowing! That is why we have had our CO2 footprint investigated by a sustainability consultancy Equadrate.

What our CO2 footprint consists of

The research shows that the reuse of attachments significantly reduces CO2 emissions per life cycle compared to attachments that are used once. The study examined, among other things, material use, waste, energy consumption and packaging.

Composition of CO2 footprint per reused attachment

+35 kg energy consumption (electricity, gas and diesel)
+67 kg transportation
+3 kg material use during overhaul
+21 kg packaging material (Euro pallets)
-64 kg recycling of waste streams

62kg CO2

“By overhauling the product and putting it back on the market, Axtra ensures a considerably lower CO2 footprint per life cycle of an attachment compared to the footprint of a product that is not overhauled.”

Conclusion report Ekwadraat

Contribute to our mission?

Did we inspire you with our mission? Discover what you can do about your CO2 emissions yourself! There are many online tools that can help you monitor and adjust your company's carbon footprint. An example of this is the CO2 calculator of Climate Square.

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