Repair and service

We can repair your attachments, with warranty! Our qualified technicians are happy to do this for you. We are happy to make a no-obligation quotation.

Want to use our services?
If you'd like to use our service and repairs, contact us now and we will look at the options together. If a required product is not in stock, we will make sure we have it available. You tell us what you need, and we find a solution!

Repair or replace?
Repair is good for the environment, because the production of a new appliance costs energy and materials. Read more about this below!

Maintain, prevent malfunction!
Equipment remains in optimal condition if you maintain it properly. Do this regularly or have this done by Axtra. Read more...

Damage to your equipment?
We repair on location or in our workshop. Read more about our options or contact us directly!

Axtra reused and why we do it is very simple. Reuse contributes to a better world. Because there is less CO2 emissions, no depletion of fossil fuels and preservation of forests and nature!
Axtra also contributes by using attachments for lift trucks! We are the alternative to new and the best for your wallet and the environment.

Don't buy but fix?
If you don't want to buy another refurbished device, we can repair your current device too! Pressing hoses, adjusting FEM suspensions, replacing seals, adjusting clamping pressure or replacing parts? You can always contact us in case of damage or malfunction. We have a fully equipped service van so that we can solve the problem on site.

Avoid downtime
In addition, your attachments can be immediately replaced with replacement equipment to avoid downtime in your operation.
In this way we also have plenty of time to repair your attachment in our workshop.

Ronald Meijer

Ronald Meijer

Technical specialist

Call us!
U can call us by +31 58 255 30 11 and ask our technical specialist Ronald Meijer, he is your contact with years of experience, he is happy to help you!

Sent the serial number, nameplate and pictures/video's of the parts you are looking for and sent by Whatsapp +316 83 315 192.

E-mail us!
You can also sent us an E-mail. Sent your details to our general address  info@axtra.nlWe help you further!

Customized service

In addition to our standard repair service, Axtra offers extra! We arrange transport of attachments with our pick-up and delivery service.

Our strength is to be pro-active, offering a quick solution and short delivery times. In addition, you can assure yourself of maximum operational reliability and continuity with our customized maintenance contracts. Finally, We can also arrange the assembly and disassembly of attachments for you. A lot is possible!

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