Axtra is the largest rental company of attachments for lift trucks in Europe. With more than 2500 products, we rent out the right tools for your forklift.

Call:  058-255 30 11
App: 06 – 83 315 192

Are you renting +5 the same attachments on 1 contract?
Then you will receive one of the same as a spare for free! This prevents downtime and allows you to continue working. An extra service from Axtra.

Do not buy? Axtra is your rental option!
Do you have to deal with long delivery times for new equipment, for example?
Or are you looking for short-term rental equipment? Think about us!

Why rent from Axtra?

  • The largest and most varied stock in Europe
  • Standard minimum off-the-shelf stock available
  • Short delivery time throughout Europe
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Advice and solutions from experts, you cannot work with the wrong equipment
  • Special rental prices for large rental contracts (on 1 contract)
  • Back-up equipment for large rental contracts (1 contract), to ensure continuity
  • Consignment options. We monitor your rental equipment in our storage, save your own space.
  • All brands and therefore brand independent
  • Last but not least, good for the environment and therefore SUPER GREEN!

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