Do you have any attachments lying around that are not being used? Axtra Voorzetapparatuur purchases equipment to give it a new lease of life.
If you're interested, please contact us.

It all starts with purchasing

Purchasing equipment is the first step. Without our stock, we do not have the wide range of reconditioned attachments. We are always interested in the sale, lease and reuse of components, and therefore we are always looking for equipment.

Do you have equipment that is not being used?

Do you have equipment that is not being used? Please let us know! Your equipment could be suitable for a new lease of life with another user. We would be pleased to make you a competitive offer and transport is included. With that first step, you are contributing to the reuse cycle of attachments. Good for the environment and good for you too!

Please let us know!

If you want to sell your attachments, please call for an appointment, or e-mail or app a photo of the attachment including the specs (rating plate). We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities!

Need help?

Can we help you with something? Whatsapp us!06 – 83315192

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