Attachment & CE check

Prevent downtime with work material and make an appointment immediately for FA-check (forklift attachments check) performed by our certified Axtra technicians.

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Our FA-check and CE-check
Forklift trucks can be rejected during periodic maintenance due missing name plate on the attachments.

Axtra technicians
Prevent downtime with work equipment and make an appointment for a FA check performed by the certified Axtra technicians. If after this the equipment meets all requirements and safe operation is guaranteed, a CE certificate with corresponding name plate will be issued.

If it turns out that the equipment does not meet the requirements, we will first discuss the necessary repairs, including a cost estimate.

Spareparts in stock
We have most parts in stock so that we can carry out the repair within a short period of time. This allows your forklift truck with attachments
be approved by the forklift truck dealer and prevent downtime.

Make an appointment now for a FA-check or read more about our spareparts!

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